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Anti Ageing Peptides South Africa

Anti Ageing

Increase energy levels

Improve skin elasticity and texture

Libido enhancement


Muscle Peptides South Africa

Lean Muscle

Create brand new muscle cells instead of just enlarging existing cells

Build lean, strong, sustainable muscle to avoid sarcopenia


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Libido enhancement effects

Fat Loss South Africa

Fat Loss

Increase metabolism by improving muscle to fat ratio

Balance hormones responsible for exacerbating fat accumulation


Repair Peptides South Africa

Injury Repair

Repair and restore old injuries by treating the root cause rather than simply addressing the pain

Reduced infection time post surgery


How To Order

In terms of the medical association’s best practice guide, we do not dispense peptides without a medical consultation with a doctor. This is to ensure that your choice of peptides are are safe for you and the best combination for your requirements.

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Step 1

Complete the 10 minute online medical questionaire for our doctors.

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Step 2

One of our qualified doctors will contact you on request for a free online consultation

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Step 3

You will have access to our online store and be able to place your peptides order.

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Step 4

Your order will be reviewed by a doctor and dispatched for delivery to you.

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