Premium Peptides in South Africa

Peptide Clinics was founded in Australia to service the needs of local health conscious individuals. Peptide Clinics Australia has more than 50,000 satisfied patients. We have now expanded to South Africa and leveraged the expertise and experience garnered in Australia to provide the best possible service.

Peptides in South Africa
Our South African medical director Doctor Catherine Davies is an avid enthusiast of peptide therapies. Our team of doctors in conjunction with our registered, South African sterile compounding pharmacy allows Peptide Clinics South Africa to supply the highest pharmaceutical grade peptide therapies directly to our patients, utilising our entirely online process.
Our peptide treatment objectives encompass information relating to a number of health issues that are experienced due to ageing and hormonal deficiency. We have a peptide to assist with these complaints, which you can source further information including clinical studies, once you have successfully logged into our online clinic.
This includes the use of:

  • Growth Hormone Releasing Hormones
  • Growth Hormone Stimulating Peptides
  • Bio-identical Hormones


Connecting qualified patients with a secured online access to the prescribing doctor and compounding lab
This unique service takes place online in 4 simple steps.
Local dispatch from our registered compounding lab based in South Africa
Friendly, well-trained staff that are eager to assist patients through CHAT and toll-free phone support
Premium peptides that are medically approved for supply to qualified South African patients.
Informative site designed to answer all patient questions and concerns



Step 1 Qualify
First, you must qualify by filling in our online medical evaluation. This assessment will give our specialist doctor a brief review of the patient and their medical history. This is a confidential and obligation free process *Note that we are not legally obligated to fulfil the request of all patients.
Step 2 Preliminary Order Placed
Approved applicants enter the online clinic to place a preliminary order for prescription-only, pharmaceutical grade peptides. Once the patient has chosen the peptide of their choice, they will book in a doctors consult for final approval.
Step 3 Doctor Consult and Scripting
The doctor will proceed with scripting after the consult has taken place, which then gets forwarded to our compounding lab for dispatch.
Step 4 Order Dispatched From Compounding Lab
Compounding lab will prepare the patient’s order and dispatch locally within South Africa.

Peptide Clinics South Africa is an online, results-focused peptide and hormone treatment provider.

Peptide Supplementation

At Peptide Clinics we aim to produce products in line with the health and fitness goals of our clients.
Of these goals is the desire for increased energy, potential weight loss, improved sleep, building lean muscle mass and injury repair and recovery. Benefits from peptide supplementation may be derived when coupled with a nutritionally balanced diet and committment to a regular exercise routine.
Feel free to contact one of our highly trained team members if you have any questions regarding our treatments or to explain the science of peptides. 
Peptide supplementation is not an overnight miracle. We do have ethical and legal obligations with which we must comply. We also may not be able to provide this service to everyone. Some patients with a select few medical conditions will not be prescribed peptides due to the fact their situation could worsen.  In this instance, our duty of care will prohibit providing the patient with peptides.