Frequently Asked Questions

I am experiencing tingling in my hands and feet, is this normal?
Tingling hands and feet can be caused by many factors. Nerve compression by fluid retention due to significantly increased GH levels in people sensitive to the GH peptides, can occur as a peptide side effect. If this occurs, cease the peptides until the symptoms resolve. Then recommence the peptides at a half dose. After two weeks, trial the full dose. If the symptoms reoccur, stay at the half dose.
Do I have to exercise whilst taking peptides or will I lose weight just by taking them?
It is suggested to exercise whilst taking peptides if you are taking peptides for weight loss. Peptides can assist fat loss directly, or indirectly by assisting muscle gain (which increases daily energy use and fat burning). The peptide effect can be negated by inadequate exercise, and excess energy/sugars in the diet, and elevated cortisol (too much stress, inadequate sleep). The optimal fat loss / weight loss program will involve high intensity exercise to gain muscle mass, low carbohydrate / sugar diet to minimise fat storage and facilitate fat burning, and stress management and optimal sleep (8+ hours) to minimise cortisol levels.
Can I order peptides over the phone?
Yes you can order peptides over the phone by calling 08 0737 8433 or click here to register to purchase peptides.
Am I supposed to swab the area I administer the syringe?
If the skin is clean (normal daily washing practices), and the needle sterile (first use), you do not need to swab the area to be injected. It is common practice though and highly suggested to swab any area that will be administered by injection.