Sports Injury and Recovery

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Those of us who play sports and like to stay physically active, get hit the hardest when we experience a sports injury. Clearly it is in our best interest to stay physically fit and dependent on the timeframe to recovery, one’s health and wellness is at stake if the repair and recovery takes too long. Knowing how to prevent and protect the body, particularly from severe injuries that can occur playing team sports is imperative. Injury repair peptides have been designed to help you heal quickly from sports related injury, by promoting tissue and cellular regeneration. When we are physically active, particularly as we age, there is always a risk of sustaining injury. Common types of injury include soft tissue injury, sprains and strains of either one’s tendon or ligament. Certain substances have been shown to increase the rate of injury repair and recovery. Peptides can stimulate an increased secretion of these substances, in cases where you are deficient in supply. 


Soft Tissue Injury Prevention

Soft Tissue Injury Prevention

Sports Injury and Recovery What is a soft tissue injury? Soft tissue injury happens with regularity for both athletes and bodybuilding enthusiasts. A soft tissue injury usually involves a sprain, strain or bruising of the muscle, tendon or ligament. When an individual...