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Our skin pigment darkens (tans) when our skin cells are exposed to increased UV exposure. The mechanism of action is delivered through increased production of melanin.  It is said that melanin has other biological functions besides the pigmentation of skin and hair.
Products designed to increase the production of melanin have been developed in recent years. Referred to as “tanning peptides”, these compounds have recently been tested in cultured human melanocytes and found to stimulate melanogenesis. Melanogenesis refers to the production of two  melanin pigments, either eumelanins and phaeomelanins. To find out more about specific tanning peptides you will need qualify for access by registering here with us.
Going out in UV radiation requires that you take precautionary measures to protect your skin. As always, do not forget the risk of developing melanoma when spending time outside in the sun.


Tanning Options

Tanning Options

A sun kissed healthy tan looks attractive on most people, and many people want this look. How then, can one develop a healthy tan today without causing irreversible skin damage and increasing the risk of melanoma?