How to Use Peptides

how to use peptides
Peptides and Peptide Science

Peptide Administration 

In order to get the molecule into the body, there are a number of methods one may select based on preference and efficiency. The most efficient administration of peptides into the bloodstream is via injection. This is somewhat invasive for many patients, thus there are other ways to deliver a peptide into circulation.

How can you get a molecule into the body for circulation?

Herein we will review the advantages and disadvantages of each peptide administration available to you.
Injectables (Peptide Injection)
Injecting it through the skin where it gains direct access to the bloodstream
Peptide Injections require the patient to administer the peptide via injectable.
This may be uncomfortable for the patient to do.
Topical Creams (Transdermal Peptide Creams)
Applying it to the outside skin, also known as, transdermal administration
Administering a peptide through the skin will not be as efficient as introducing the peptide into the bloodstream via injection
Rectal / Vaginal Creams
Applied through the rectum or vagina and absorbed that way
Typically this would be for peptides that stimulate libido
Most peptides that are administered through the vagina or rectum are creams designed to assist with stimulating one’s libido (Aphrodisiac peptides)
Oral Troches
Oral Sprays
Oromucousal peptides are absorbed within the lining of the mouth or cheek.
Sublingual or absorption through the cheek is a much easier way to administer peptides, but not as effective in its absorption. Peptide injections are still the most effective at delivering the molecule into the bloodstream.

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