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Peptides Fact and Fiction
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Many misconceptions surround the use of peptides. Often negative impressions are unfortunate and the result of stories featured in the media regarding peptide use in athletes and professional sport. This coverage, and its coinciding damage to the reputation of peptides, has not painted an accurate picture of peptides and their powerful ability to regenerate and fortify the body. Nor do they educate the masses regarding their mechanism of action. Unless you are equipped to comprehend the medical and technical terminology found in clinical studies, the science will still be a mystery. At Peptide Clinics we believe you have the right to make an educated decision about alternative treatments such as peptides and we would like to clear up some misconceptions that have circulated surrounding the use of peptide supplements.
Peptides South Africa – Our specialist legally prescribes premium peptides to South African patients.
There are numerous preconceptions and misconceptions regarding peptide use. Peptides have therapeutic applications, and all too often there seems to be information regarding peptide treatment that is reinterpreted unfairly by media officials who lack the knowledge, or refuse to acknowledge, their full potential. The legal regulations surrounding the distribution of peptide information prevent us from identifying a peptide by name. We must first prequalify a patient through receipt of a brief medical evaluation. The quickest access to this information is through registering with us and obtaining a login to our online clinic.

Misconception about Peptides and Peptide Use

Peptides are illegal……..
Peptides ARE legal in South Africa, and are classified as a prescription only medicine (Schedule 4). As long as the patient has had a doctor’s consultation and a prescription has been approved for the supply of peptide treatment, they are completely legal.

Peptides are steroids……..
Peptides are small proteins.
People are often of the belief that peptides are steroids. The reason for this confusion no doubt is that there are peptides that, much like steroids, offer anabolic results. The anabolic effects make peptides quite popular with bodybuilders, as do steroids. They work in very different ways, however. The proteins circulating in the body are commonly used as building blocks for other cells in circulation. Others find their use is in the form of energy or fuel. These short proteins or small proteins (peptides) are the proteins that communicate and act very similar to hormones.
Peptide hormones are like all other hormones, travelling through the bloodstream with the ability to visit various areas of the body. In comparison to steroid hormones, peptides have far less of an associated risk.
Peptides are vital elements and the human body benefits greatly from their use when they are administered properly. The function of peptides in the human body has been linked to cellular growth, tissue repair and recuperation, strengthening of the body’s immune system and improved sleep quality.

All peptides are performance enhancing and having access to performance-enhancing peptides is an unfair advantage………
Not all peptides are performance enhancing, but some indeed offer these types of benefits. Peptides as a whole are a therapy for hormonal correction, where there is a deficiency and imbalance. Peptides have the ability to communicate within the body, the desire to function as nature intended, which is in its optimal capacity. Our world of consumption has left all of us in a state of vulnerability. We are exposed to varied sources of endocrine disruptors, which have altered our hormonal system and its ability to perform optimally. Peptides can enter acting somewhat like a representative from management, to ensure that our functions do not continue to decline as a result of ageing and hormonal deficiency.
One might debate that having the ability to infiltrate the messaging system for enhancement is an unfair advantage if the patient has not lost suffered dramatic physiological deficiencies. Everyone has the right to a fully functioning body; one that serves, protects and fulfils what it has been designed to do. Our bodies, and the systems that govern our health and wellness, don’t have to be in a completely deteriorated state to seek preventative help. We can measure hormone levels and determine what is normal and what is not. It is critical to be proactive and follow the strict instruction of hormonal specialists.
Professional team sports are where many people see aged athletes and those much younger going head to head in competition. It makes one wonder about fairness when as a human species our physical performance is at its peak when our hormones are performing at their peak – which is in our 20’s and 30’s. One can’t deny the role balanced hormone levels play in solidifying the reign of command for a professional athlete. Not to say that the years of training and skill acquired over the years don’t give the athlete an advantage over the younger team player, but when making comparisons about what is fair, are we comparing apples to apples?
A 40-year old athlete, regardless of his strength and skills, when matched up with a younger opponent, will be conscious of greater physical vulnerabilities. These can be mitigated through the use of peptides.

Peptides are only beneficial to bodybuilders……..
Peptides can be used by anyone wanting to correct hormonal messaging within their body.
It is true that peptides are popular with bodybuilders because bodybuilders know more about their bodies than the general population. It is their goal to understand the body fully so that they can maximise their performance. Bodybuilders know that everything we are exposed to, or consume, can either positively or negatively alter the internal biochemistry. Peptides are not only beneficial to bodybuilders; they have a range of therapeutic benefits that can help many people.

All peptides have to be injected……..
We know that injections are not for everyone. There is a lot of judgement surrounding the use of injectables. There is a consensus amongst the general population that believe those who use needles are drug users and have no respect for their body. You may be shocked to find that there will be countless peptide users who have never in their life experimented with drugs or used an injectable form of therapy until the advent of peptide supplementation. It is merely a mode of delivery that offers instant blood circulation.
However, not all peptides are injectables. They are also available in transdermal creams, which are easy to apply and get absorbed through the layers of the skin. There are also peptides available in a sublingual troche or oral strip, which gets absorbed under the tongue.

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