Reduces appetite and maintains healthy blood sugar levels | 100mg  | 60 Capsules

What is BeanBlock?

It is a patented phytoactive (100mg capsule) that can be used to treat high blood sugar levels and obesity related to compulsive overeating as it prevents the absorption of carbohydrates and increase satiety. It acts as an effective weight loss supplement.
It also contains phytohemagglutinin which reduces the release of ghrelin and consequently decreases appetite.

Usual Dosage

Take one 100mg capsule twice daily before main meals. Results will be improved if used in association with a weight management meal plan and moderate exercise.

Scientific Evidence

In a research study amongst 60 overweight healthy subjects the following was found after 12 weeks amongst the group that combined Bean block with dietary advice comparing to the control group who just followed dietary advice:
• Average weight loss was 9.1kg
• Waist circumference decreased on average with 10.3 cm

Whilst marginal changes were observed in the control group
Research also proved that these capsules reduces appetite with up to 65%

Use BeanBlock in conjunction with GreenSelect Phytosome and SlimCarb for optimal results.

No studies have proven safe to use this product during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

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