Imuno ND


Natural hand cleanser | 50ml

Imuno ND is an alcohol-free natural hand cleanser, which contains a blend of natural components that act together to help reducing microorganisms that potentially can cause diseases, including SARS-CoV-2.

It is brand new in South Africa, and this product is set to be a NEXT BEST Seller!

Did you know?

Most of the hand sanitizers and hand cleansers available in the market contains ethanol or other short-chained alcohols. However, although alcohols can provide effective antimicrobial action, they also bring a series of drawbacks, such as quick evaporation from the skin, possibility to cause allergies, and flammability

Imuno ND was developed as a natural and safer alternative for hand cleansing.

• Alcohol-free.
• Non-dry to hands.
• Non-greasy.
• Non flammable.
• Safe for kids



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