ProtUP Natural Libido Booster


For Men and Women | 100% Natural  | 60 VegiCaps

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How does ProtUp work?

The phytoactive extract used in ProtUP® is high in quality, purified and standardised at 30% Protodioscin. It has remarkable androgenic properties and acts as a natural hormone regulator by increasing DHEA and consequently Testosterone levels.

ProtUP® increases sexual libido in men and women, improves spermatogenesis, infertility and athletic performance. ProtUP® has also shown to alleviate symptoms associated with menopause.

What do the MSH Doctors say about ProtUP:
This is an affordable libido booster produced by a reputable Compounding Pharmacy in South Africa.

- Take one capsule (180mg) twice daily
- 60 Vegicaps
- 100% Natual Libido Booster

Clinical Studies A clinical study evaluated 144 young women with sexual dysfunction. After 90 days of treatment with ProtUP® phytoactive, 88% of them showed benefits on sexual function and reported improvements in different parameters, quantified by the FSFI (Female Sexual Function Index)*, an instrument in which the participants are assigned scores/grades for different aspects of sexual function.

Did you Know? Around 48 million couples worldwide experience infertility.



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