Conditioner | 200ml

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TrichoCond is a high-power moisturizing conditioner part of a hair care regimen.
TrichoCond balances sebaceous production on the scalp, keeping the structure aligned and firm. The adjusted pH of TrichoCond (always less than 4.5) promotes the final cohesion of the cuticles.
TrichoCond provides a source of peptides needed to maintain the proteins present in the hair cuticle and regulates the isoelectric point of the hair, preventing cuticle breakage and exposure of the cortex.

For best results, use in combination with TrichoWash

Benefits of TrichoCond
· Reconstruction of the cuticle
· Protects against visible signs of aging
· Replacement of amino acids and proteins, favouring fibre repair
· Promotes cohesion strengthening and softness hydration of the cuticle


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